Sunday, February 26, 2017

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Staff Structure

Faculty of Communications

Head of Learning Miss H Parry-Hughes
English Miss H Parry-Hughes
Mrs C Harmsworth
Mrs J Morris
Miss L Carus
Welsh Miss L Price
Mrs K Berry
Mrs C Brennan
Mrs N Roberts
MFL Mrs N Thomas
Mrs C Brennan
Drama Mr A Tranmer
Dance Miss A Lloyd
Art & Photography Miss C Barr-Lloyd
Media Mrs C Harmsworth
Technology Mrs L Bailey
PE Mr T Bennett


Faculty of Maths/Science/Technology

Deputy Head Dr P Humberstone
Maths Mr C Philips
Mr S Chisholm
Chemistry Dr P Humberstone
Mrs E Williams
Physics Mrs F Bagnall
Mr R Pickering
Biology Mrs A Turner
Science Mrs E Williams
ICT Mr S Ayres
Mr P Roberts

Faculty of Humanities

Head of Learning Mrs R Ellis
RE Mrs R Ellis
Mrs M Davies
Miss A Bunn
History Miss K Voice
Geography Miss A Carus
Sociology Mrs R Wood-Brignall
Dr S Roberts
Business Studies Mrs E Sargent
Childcare Mrs J Morris
Psychology Dr S Roberts
Music Mrs M Davies


Head of Learning – Key Stages 3 and 4, and Child Protection Officer Miss L Price
Head of Learning – Key Stage 5 Miss H Parry-Hughes



Assistant Head Mrs B Hughes
KS 2 Co-ordinator Mrs B Hughes
Foundation Phase Co-ordinator Miss H McMurray
Nursery/Reception Miss H McMurray
Year 1&2 Miss E Davies
Year 3 Miss R Knox
Year 4 Mrs S Higham
Year 5 Mrs B Hughes
Year 6 Mr A Madog

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs J Morris

Support Staff

Business and Finance Manager Mr B Shinn
Facilities Support Officer Mr N Gallagher
Head’s PA Mrs S Collins
Admissions/Administration Mrs D Conway
First Day Contact Officer


Ms S Cotterill

Mrs J Rosenwould

Examinations Officer Mrs L Bollard
Caretaker Mr D Bowen
Chef Mr D Thatcher
Cleaning Supervisor Mrs S Lewis


Secondary Teaching Assistants

Mrs D Tierney

Mrs J Williams

Mrs C Davies
Mrs J Lloyd
Mrs H Lawrence
Mrs E White
Mrs A Gajewska
Mrs A Jones
Miss E Jakes
Mr M Parker
Miss A Davies
Mrs S Wheeler

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs J De Vera Davey
Mrs M Maloney

Primary Teaching Assistants

Miss V Archdale
Mrs G Jones
Miss S Davies
Mrs C Hardy
Mrs K Morris
Mr L Hornsby-Jones