Life in the 6th Form

Scott Williams is a Competitive Cross Country Cyclist who ranked in the top 10 in Great Britain.  He has been Welsh U18 Champion three times.  He is Lord Lieutenant's Cadet 2019-2020 and a student who hopes to study Automotive Engineering at Loughborough University this Autumn.  As a school we cannot be prouder of his achievements and wish him all the best with his aspirations.  Below is Scott's recollections of 6th form life at St Brigid's.

"Being a sixth form student has its many positives and negatives, mainly leaning towards the positive side. Balance is a key part to having a stress- free time during your school life, as you have to find a system for revision and homework that works for you. I believe I managed to find my balance on top of all the other extra curricular activities that I was doing at the time.


Many of these activities were enabled by the school’s own CCF (Combined Cadet Force), where I was given so many different opportunities and experiences. The list goes on with this so I will just mention some of my favourites: through the CCF I spent six weeks in Canada as part of the Canadian Cadet Force, taking part in lots of different outdoor activities, two of which were glacier walking and rock climbing (up mountains, might I add). The regular CCF summer camps are some of the best times you’ll have as part of the CCF, making new friends and learning new skills during your time on an army camp.


I’m also a competitive cyclist, and I race regularly at the weekends and train during my evenings. This  meant that I had little time for work during my time at home. However, I had a system that worked for me, and with some guidance from the teachers in school, I had dialled in my revision and homework timetable to fit around school and CCF. The teachers and staff were very helpful and understanding in anything I needed a hand with, and they understood how much I trained and raced throughout the year.


I was also given the opportunity to attend a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) camp as part of the CCF. My time there was spent with many different corps of the army learning with each one of them about STEM subjects. Eventually my attention was brought to Engineering, specifically Motor Engineering. This trip and experience provided me with the clarity to decide on a university course, and I am now applying for a Motorsport Engineering course as part of Loughborough university, allowing me to continue with my sporting achievements and ambition, whilst studying Engineering.


I would recommend St.Brigid’s School and sixth form to anybody who asked my opinion of it, and I have many more stories and experiences that I could chat with my fellow classmates for hours about. My time in St.Brigid’s was more than just about school, it was a chance for me to discover what I wanted to do in my future and it’s all thanks to the opportunities provided around every corner by the staff".

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