In addition to its caring and supportive atmosphere based on Christian family values, St. Brigid’s School has a comprehensive and robust pastoral system. Every child has a form tutor who provides immediate pastoral care and regular mentoring. As they progress into their examination years pupils receive extra mentoring sessions with carefully chosen members of staff in order to help them realise their potential.

There are two Heads of Learning with responsibility for pastoral care. These are supported by a well established chaplaincy team, our school nurse, school counsellor, and educational social worker. A transparent referral system ensures that pupils get to speak to the right person at the right time should extra intervention be required. Our Learning Coach helps pupils to plan their study, overcome difficulties with work and consider their post-school options.

Twice a week staff briefings are held so that all staff are aware of issues that arise, and our size enables us to function as a caring family. Twice termly pastoral meetings are held for all staff and the pastoral heads regularly hold multi-agency meetings to discuss pupil welfare.

We believe that our pastoral care system is second to none enabling pupils to leave St. Brigid’s School as confident, mature, well-educated young people.