Post 16 Education at St. Brigid’s and Dyffryn Clwyd Consortium

Under the Learning and Skills Measure, a statutory policy from The Welsh Government, schools must provide a rich and diverse curriculum at post 16.  Schools must be able to offer 30 courses to pupils, 5 of which must be vocational.

Many schools cannot deliver on this expectation alone and so collaborate with local colleges and other schools.

St. Brigid’s is part of The Dyffryn Clwyd Dinbych Consortium, which includes:

  • St Brigid’s 3-19 School
  • Denbigh High School
  • Denbigh College (part of Coleg Llandrillo)
  • Llysfasi College (part of Coleg Cambria)

As a consortium we are able not only to deliver the expectations of the Learning and Skills Measure, but surpass it, in the choice of options that are available through the consortium.

Very little travel is required between schools, but where there is a need, transport is provided for the pupils.

The timetable has been arranged to allow for travel time and again, little curriculum time is lost when pupils travel.

The school/college partners have agreed to the following consortium principles:

  • To improve the quality of education for all learners;
  • To offer the best opportunities for all learners and increase learner choice;
  • To increase opportunities for bilingual and Welsh Medium provision;

What does St. Brigid’s offer as a Learning Base at Post 16?

  • A 6th Form Common Room
  • Dedicated Form Tutors
  • A Learning Coach
  • A Mentor –we have a whole school approach to support and intervention, which continues into 6th Form
  • A Head of Learning with specific focus on 6th Form
  • Library/study area
  • Lower 6th Winter Ball and Y13 Leavers’ Ball
  • A small school environment where all staff will know who you are
  • A committed and hard-working team of teaching and non-teaching staff, who really care
  • Spiritual and emotion support from Sister Liz and the Chaplaincy Team