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What will I learn?

At St. Brigid’s we follow the unendorsed course in Art and Design. This is a broad course exploring practical and critical /contextual work through a range of 2D and/or 3D processes and new media and technologies.

The following are the areas in which you will study:

Fine Art: A range of approaches including painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, installation, printmaking, lens and light based media and new media.

Textile Design: Includes fashion, printed and/or dyed fabrics, constructed textiles, costume design, wearable sculpture and mixed media.

Three Dimensional design: Includes jewellery, body ornament, theatre design, exhibition design, film-set design, and environmental design.

Photography: Lens and Light based media Includes digital photography, documentary, photojournalism, and experimental imagery.

How will I learn?

At the start of the course you will be given KEY WORDS which you will use to undertake a series of taught tasks, experiences and exercises. This will allow you to:

Have the opportunity to use a variety of media, including pencils, both leaded and coloured, fine line pen, pen & ink and various paints and mixed media.

Record for research and outcomes, with the use of available technologies, e.g. digital camera.

Use ICT for careful and appropriate research and creative making purposes, with a variety of software.

Analyse the work of others, compare and contrast, reflect, and make relevant, appropriate and personal connections.

Work in different dimensions and scale.

Visit an appropriate primary source, whether a gallery, museum, a location, an artists studio.

Draw from direct observation, imagination and memory.

By doing the above you should/will have enough skills, knowledge and understanding acquired during the induction period to become confident as an independent thinker, planner and maker of art and design.




How will I be assessed?

You will follow the WJEC specification through the medium of English.

The course consists of TWO parts

Assessment 1: candidate portfolio (60% of total marks)

Assessment 2: externally set task (40% of total marks)

Both the portfolio and externally set task are marked internally by the Art teacher. It is then displayed and moderated by WJEC.

During the course you will be continuously assessed by the teacher with weekly targets given. You will also self and peer assess.

What next after the course?

Having taken art and design at GCSE you are able to further your education within the art field at As and A level. You can continue in the unendorsed area of art and design or you can choose to study in a more specialised area such as Photography.

Future employment opportunities?

There are numerous employment opportunities for those following various art and design courses. Fashion designer/Buyer; Photographer; Interior designer; Illustration; Graphics; Ceramicist; and so on. The opportunities are endless, so if you enjoy art, have an aptitude for it, and are self motivated then taking Art and Design at GCSE will be an enjoyable and fruitful experience.