GCSE Business Studies

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What will I learn?

In GCSE Business Studies, which is studied in Year 10 and Year 11, you will learn about how the world of business works and its relevance to almost every aspect of modern society.  Amongst other topics, you will learn about planning, finance, marketing and economics and discover some of the methods and techniques used to analyse an organisation’s performance.

How will I learn?

You will encounter a variety of teaching methods including case studies, role-plays and ICT alongside more traditional methods.  Students will be expected to immerse themselves in a business-like mindset and to pay attention to the world around them.  For example, students would be expected to take note of relevant news items, which may be used as a basis for discussion and class-work.

How will I be assessed?

You will follow the WJEC Specification through the medium of English.

The course contains both coursework and examination components.  Coursework is undertaken in controlled conditions.

What next after the course?

This GCSE course opens exciting opportunities to study business-related subjects at AS or A-level.  Business can be the gateway into a number of great career choices: as well as being a fascinating subject in its own right, it is a useful subsidiary subject alongside almost any degree course at university.  Some common courses to combine with Business are Law, Accounting, Economics, Journalism, English, ICT and Engineering.

Business is a favoured Bachelor Degree for universities recruiting to MBA (Master of Business Administration Degree) courses which lay the foundations of a career in senior management within all sorts of exciting industries.

Future employment opportunities?

We live in a corporate world and the markets operate around us constantly.  Because of this, business is a universal subject.  There are few, if any, careers for which an understanding of business would not be of some benefit.  Business Studies is also a key to attaining highly paid and challenging roles in all levels of management.