GCSE Child Development

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What will I learn?

Child Development, which is studied in Year 10, is designed to give you an opportunity to extend and apply your skills, knowledge and understanding of the development and care of children from conception to the age of five years. It promotes an understanding of the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the child which is inter-linked through the study of the family, community and the responsibilities of parenthood.

How will I learn?

This GCSE will provide opportunities for you to develop your critical thinking and to manage a range of resources in order to develop items which are suited to the needs of individuals or families, and to recognise the influence of current trends, the market economy and technological change. It will offer opportunities for candidates to develop an understanding of citizenship through the relevant issues of the subject.

How will I be assessed?

The course compromises of three units.

Unit one is an untiered paper which will be externally set and marked at the end of the course, worth 40% of the overall mark.

Unit two and three are controlled assessments worth 30% each.  Unit two is a Child Study undertaken in year 10. Unit three is a Child Focussed task in year 11. The tasks will be provided annually by WJEC and will be marked by your teachers and then moderated by WJEC.

What next after the course?

This GCSE course offers the opportunity to study AS or A-level Child Development and can be the gateway into a number of great career choices.

Future employment opportunities?

Examples of careers where A-level Child development can help are vast and varied and can range from such careers as Nursing, Social Worker, Speech Therapist, Primary School Teacher and Educational Psychologist.