GCSE English Language

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What will I learn?

In GCSE English Language you will be able to develop your reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.  These skills are, of course, essential in order to be able to participate effectively in society and employment. In addition, you will be taught how to write accurately and fluently, choosing content and adapting style and language to a wide range of forms, media, contexts, audiences and purposes.

How will I learn?

In English Language you will learn how to analyse fiction and non-fiction texts and you will also compose your own stories and transactional pieces, such as letters, advertisements, articles and speeches.

In addition, you will develop your speaking and listening skills, both as an individual and also in collaborative work.

How will I be assessed?

You will follow the WJEC specification for this course, which involves a mixture of controlled assessments and terminal examinations. External examinations are tiered. Controlled assessments range from short story writing to analytical essay writing. The tasks will be provided annually by the WJEC and will be marked by your teachers and then moderated by the examination board.

What next after the course?

The GCSE English Language course provides an excellent foundation for studying English Language and/or English Literature at Advanced Level.

Future employment opportunities?

A qualification in English Language demonstrates the ability to communicate ideas in a sophisticated and fluent manner and also enables students to develop their analytical, communication and writing skills.  These skills are of course useful in a broad range of career areas, from business through to media and Law areas.

‘Students should see their English teacher in respect of possible changes to the course content and/or structure.’