What will I learn?

In Units 1 and 3 which are year 10 and 11 respectively you will learn about current and emerging technologies and their impact on individuals, organisations and society, whilst considering issues of risk, safety, security and responsible use of ICT. You will also become familiar with a variety of application programs including web development systems, database management systems, multimedia software, graphics and animation software.

  • How will I learn?
  • The course is offered in both long and short course formats, with short course consisting of only Units 1 & 2. For long course Units 3 & 4 follow in the second year of study.
  • Units 1 and 3 are theory based in which you will be taught using the latest techniques for learning and recall. Units 2 and 4 are extended practical tasks in which you will learn to solve problems using ICT, using your creative, logical and critical skills to deliver exciting multimedia solutions for particular audiences.

How will I be assessed?

You will follow the WJEC Specification through the medium of English.

Internal and external assessments in ICT are untiered.

At the end of Year 10 you will sit a 1 ½ hour external examination covering Unit 1 having already completed a 22 ½ hour internally-assessed controlled assessment for Unit 2. Year 11 follows a similar pattern with another 22 ½ hour controlled assessment for Unit 4 and 1 ½ hour examination for Unit 3

The controlled assessment tasks will be provided annually by WJEC and will be marked by your teachers and then moderated by WJEC.

What next after the course?

This GCSE course prepares students for the modern world by providing them with essential ICT skills but it also offers opportunities to experience some of the exciting new areas in ICT such as web development, animation, digital imaging and music.

Future employment opportunities?

ICT is useful in so many areas of modern life but the course can prepare you particularly for careers in modern media, ICT consultancy, digital animation and graphic design.