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What will I learn?

The key concepts in this subject help the students understand how people can learn the appropriate norms, values and more through socialisation and how social identity is constructed.

In year 10, we study the Family and Education as core topics. The Family is the key area of primary socialisation, families set norms and values and are central to our understanding of how culture is transmitted between the generations and inequalities are perpetuated.  Education is a key area of secondary socialisation as it is central to understanding of how our culture is transmitted.

In year 11, Work and Crime show how people experience varied life chances to the social groups to which they belong and contribute to their sense of social identity. Work is a major source of identity and students will be asked to consider and evaluate the causes of alienation and poverty. Crime and Deviance look at how the life chances of class, gender, age and ethnicity are impacted by crime.

How will I learn?

Candidates will analyse a wealth of social data through the ideas of the Functionalist, Marxist, Feminist and Interactionist writers in this subject. The more students immerse themselves in the subject the easier it becomes to apply these concepts.

A wide range of resources are used to illuminate many of the human consequences of the problems we will study. The media and the internet have a wealth of case studies which offer a new dimension to learning the problems which face people throughout their lives. Also, there are many specific websites that cover every social problem imaginable!

How will I be assessed?

Students can take an examination at the end of year 10 which tests their knowledge of Education and Family. In year 11 they can take paper 2 which tests their knowledge of Crime and Education; however, in most situations students will sit both papers at the end of year 11 as they have had more time to become mature in their understanding of some very challenging concepts.

What next after the course?

The four main subjects above are studied again but in much deeper detail in A level Sociology. The subject teaches tolerance of different people and cultures, understanding of the nature of values and the construction of social identity.

Future employment opportunities?

Education and all forms of social care. Many students actually go into studying.