Message from our Head Girl

Being part of such an incredible school for the past twelve years has been such an honour to me as it has shaped me into the person I am today. Since joining the school in 2009, St Brigid’s has gone through many changes but, the one thing that has remained constant is the ethos that the school has upheld for the past 81 years.


Upholding the ethos and family environment of the school, I think, is one of the reasons for the students’ successes and confidence, not only in school but also in the wider community.

I am part of a group within St Brigid’s called ‘YOUCAT’, it is a small group lead by Mrs Bollard and Marie-Laure Clarke, where we learn and understand more about our faith. The group has been running for the past eight years, every Friday after school and has been very fulfilling for those who attend. ‘YOUCAT’ has allowed people who are part of the group, but also many other students/teachers and parents in the school, to attend events all over the country such as Embrace and Flame, which many would never have known about and been able to attend if it weren’t for the group.

I am now going to university to study BA(Hons) Primary Science Education with QTS, and that is all thanks to my amazing teachers in both the primary and secondary school for devoting their lives to their students’ education here at St Brigid’s. When I graduate I would love the opportunity to be able to teach at a school as special as St Brigid’s and help children learn and achieve to their greatest potential.

I have so many amazing memories here at St Brigid’s School and will forever be grateful to everyone involved at the school who have made my time there unforgettable.


Olivia Carrier

Head Girl 2019 – 2020