Students shine during "Unprecedented times"

Our pupils here at St Brigid's never cease to amaze with their level of talents.  During the distance learning students have shown their abilities and we are proud to share this with you.

We have added examples of work from some of our Primary pupils on their page.  Whilst this is an example from form 8G, where they were asked to submit their thoughts and feelings to their form tutor during lockdown. Ensuring communication with all our students has been very important during such strange times, and when difficulties are presented, the ethos of St Brigid's is always forthcoming, a kind and caring team.  Collectively this has been created into a form poem, entitled Unprecedented, which I'm sure you will agree is worth sharing.

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Unprecedented, that was the word.

A new one on me, not one I’d heard,

But there it was for all to hear,

Covid 19 and it could be quite near!!


Schools are shutting, an unexpected break,

Teachers panicking, “What work should they take?”

Students were frantic, this was something new,

It was clear to see no one knew what to do.


An early break was exciting at first,

But then reality, and that feeling soon burst.

No exams for the classes of twenty twenty,

Anger, disappointment, emotions a plenty.


Everything stops, we wait for the news,

Everyone has various views,

China, 5G, anything to blame?

People are dying and there is the shame.


Nurses and keyworkers battling for all,

Working together  - Their rally call,

Keeping the R number as low as can be,

Johnson, Drakeford, Sturgeon, the united three.


Lockdown was here; our work was on line,

Accompanied by Joe Wicks at nine,

Lots of work, how much time was this taking?

And after his work out my body was aching!!


There I was lying on my bed,

Anxiety rushing through my head,

Handkerchief ready to wipe away tears,

Family wellbeing, the height of our fears.


But what of times past, like World War Two,

For they had far less they could do,

No Netflix, No You Tube, their times were appalling

Exercise interrupted, by the noise, of the siren calling.


These times are rough and so is emotion,

We must be tough and show our devotion,

Thinking of others completing their tasks,

Whilst going shopping with gloves and facemasks.



And as we progress towards June,

We continue to pray that this virus ends soon,

Social distancing seems to be key,

We will enjoy life, that I guarantee.


However there was bright within the gloom,

Beautiful weather to escape a sense of doom

And out to bang and clap by the gate

Every Thursday night, weekly at eight.


Then there was daily exercise, out off for a walk,

The use of Zoom, it’s good to talk,

The message was clear, at home we stay,

Chill in the garden, find different ways to play.


But what of our future, Questions to ask?

Will normal return? Now there is a task!!,

Never thought I’d say it, but when will it be?

That I can return to school and 8G?


I miss my school and my buddies,

Form time with Mr B asking us to remove our hoodies,

One thing we have learnt, from what I wish was a dream,

is that together we make a wonderful team.


We are 8G and united we are,

School is our stage, on which we can star,

And let us reflect when all this is ended,

What we have achieved, what good is intended,

When we return, what positivity we share,

To show our school and community we care,

For this was a mountain, a challenge bar none,

Where we as St Brigids, stand together as one.

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