Information Sharing Protocol for 14-19 year olds

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Attached, below, are copies of the two Conwy & Denbighshire Information Sharing Protocols for 14-19 Collaborative Courses and the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework which all schools and other partners have now signed up to and which are therefore now fully operational. Attached, also, are a Welsh and English version of the Privacy Notice as described below.

Before organisations are able to share information held on individual students with other partners, the explicit consent of that student is required. In schools, this will be achieved by requesting their signature on the consent form at the bottom of the Privacy Notice (below) which allows the sharing of relevant information when requested by specified partners and organisations.

The consent form should be signed by whoever the explicit consent refers to i.e. the student, rather than parent or guardian. Students, aged 14 and over, have the legal authority to sign the Privacy Notice for themselves, having read and understood the benefits of sharing such information, although they should be encouraged to inform their parents/guardians that they have done so.

C&D 14-19 Collaborative Courses ISP V1.0    C&D YEPF ISP V1.0    English C&D Privacy Notice PNV1.0    Cymraeg C&D Privacy Notice PNV1.0