During the week of 23rd to the 30th April 2013, pupils of St Brigid’s flew to the resort ‘Bansko’ in Bulgaria for a skiing holiday.

We flew from Manchester Airport at a staggering seven o’clock in the morning and arrived in the chilly capital of Sofia at two in the afternoon, Bulgarian time. The drive to the Perun Lodge was long, but worth the wait and well anticipated. The Perun Lodge was an exquisite four star hotel with views over Boverets and the mountains surrounding the area.

On Sunday, we travelled on the gondola to reach the ski slope. We were put into groups  and split up for the afternoon learning new skills and techniques. I think it was safe to say there were a fair amount of bruises that day! Throughout the evenings, we had free time or a planned group activity and as so, we visited the area and shopped around for a while. The weather was incredible and after receiving calls from family and friends back in the UK, we realised it was hotter in Bulgaria then at home!

Monday morning, we were up a little brighter and earlier than the previous day, keen to get on the slopes! With the sunny weather still evident, we had another eventful day skiing and during the night, we visited a hotel just around the corner from the Perun lodge and everyone participated in bowling. It was a very intense game between the five teams but in the end we had a winner and all did extremely well! The lanes were alive with strikes!

Tuesday and Wednesday, the pupils learnt a lot more on the skis, with beginners learning to control their turns and the experts racing down slopes at the top a mountain. Pupils had made excellent progress by now and were definitely starting to impress instructors. Tuesday night involved a karaoke session at one of the local bars. It was unfortunate hat we could not encourage the teachers enough to sing!

Wednesday was a free night and most pupils took advantage of the excellent facilities in the hotel which included a swimming pool, a sauna and a herbal sauna, an indoor and outdoor hot tub and a steam room! A perfect way to ease aching muscles!

On Thursday, the weather outside had turned and with it, bought ice cold temperatures and harsh blizzards. The karaoke bar held a disco that night in conjunction with two other schools who were staying in the hotel at the same time, complete with free squash for the pupils! There was lots of music and lots of dancing! Mr Bennet even showed us a few of his moves!

Friday was the last day of skiing and there was definitely a look of reluctance on the pupils’ faces as they handed their skis in for the final time at the end of the day! The weather continued to worsen until everybody was soaked through; however, we continued to ski with a smile on our faces! It had drastically turned to gale force winds and heavy snowfall, which only enhanced the beauty of the slopes! That night, we visited a local ice skating rink. The setting was truly magical and was a perfect way to end a perfect week, surprisingly there were hardly any falls!

The skills that we have learnt will stay with us and I would like to congratulate everyone on their amazing progress! St Brigid’s students are proud to say they now have skiers of all abilities and are looking to start a skiing club that will be held every month to continue their progress in the sport. ‘I have learnt to ski in a week. I went from a pupil with little experience and skills to someone who could ski with experts! It was fantastic!’ Hannah Colclough, (Year 10).

We would like to thank Mr Bennet for arranging the trip in conjunction with Rachel from the’ Ski Academy’. Thank you also to Mrs Carus and Mrs Harmsworth for accompanying Mr Bennet on the trip and doing a wonderful job at looking after all of the pupils and keeping everyone happy! We have been told by a number of pupils that ‘It was the best holiday of their lives!’

Photo credit: Bronwen Paxton, 10R

Report by: Emma Twist (Year 10)