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Want to have a look around our school?

Come and enjoy the beautiful scenery, and talk to the friendly staff and pupils.

You can drop into our reception area via our historic Victorian entrance. View our beautifully renovated chapel before you begin a tour of the school facilities. We offer dedicated science labs, music studio and computing suites. Explore the stunning grounds offered to our learners.

You can book a personal tour of our school by contacting the admissions department. We can provide bespoke visits to the school for you and your child.

Contact our Admissions Officer to book a visit today.

Open Day

We offer an open day each year at the end of September. This day is tailored for aspiring admissions to our school. Parents and children can explore our grounds, get more information about the school and meet some of the teachers here.

Check our twitter feed for specific dates.

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Visitors can park at our dedicated roundabout. The main entrance is at the front of the main building.

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