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“I am very aware of the importance of the performance arts; they provide a cultural identity, social skills, self-confidence, and can act as an expressive outlet for our thoughts and feelings. The performing arts also allow a space for us to imagine a world that is changing at an incredible pace and the imagination and creativity of our young people will help us to make that journey.”

                                                                                    Mr. A. Tranmer.

So why choose Drama and Theatre Studies?

· Enjoy the challenge.

· Develop Performance and design skills

· Improve confidence and communication

· Work in a creative environment


Studying drama requires emotional maturity, and gives pupils a deep understanding of themselves. ... Studying drama is demanding, and teaches pupils that success only comes from hard work. The skills that are learnt by studying drama are invaluable in later life.

Entertainment is one of the top industries that focuses on promoting talent and creativity. It is all evident from the countless tech developments used in movies, and the talented acting that we get to watch on a daily basis. While it is important to focus on other formal industries, entertainment should get sufficient support, especially when it comes to recognising talent and creativity.

Where can I progress with this subject?

We have a strong reputation for preparing students to go on to some of the most prestigious Performing Arts establishments in the country. But whether you wish to tread the boards or simply enjoy the experience, the skills learnt are transferable, and will help in all aspects of future career progression


The performing arts have transformative power. More than just entertainment, the performing arts interpret society, and whether satirising, educating, or celebrating, help us to understand our world.

Our intention is to provide our students with a positive and creative environment in which to inspire the imagination through a range of ideas, techniques and rehearsal methods.

Students will have the opportunity to develop linguistic and communication skills and improve confidence and self-belief.

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