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Mrs. L. Crimes - Headteacher
Dr. P. Humberstone - Deputy Headteacher
Pastoral Leadership

Ms. H. Parry-Hughes - Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form

Miss. L. Price - Assistant Headteacher, Head of Upper School

Ms. G. Newnham - Assistant Headteacher, Head of Middle School

Miss. H. McMurray - Assistant Headteacher, Head of Lower School

Teaching and Learning Leaders

Ms. E. Bamber - Mathematics and Numeracy

Mrs. C. Harmsworth - Language and Literacy

Mrs. E. Williams - Science and Technology

Miss. K. Voice - Humanities

Mrs. S. Livingstone - Expressive Arts

Miss. D. Pender - Health, Fitness and Well-being

Mrs. J. Morris - ALNCO

Form Teachers

Miss. H. McMurray - Reception/Nursery

Mrs. E. O Donnell - Y1/Y2

Miss. B. Worthington - Y3

Mr. S. Hughes - Y4

Mr. A. Madog - Y5

Ms. G. Newnham - Y6

Miss. S. Jones - 7R

Mrs. E. Bamber - 7G

Mr. B. Humphreys - 8R

Mrs. N. Roberts - 8G

Mr. R. Bell - 9R

Mrs C. Harmsworth - 9G

Mrs. M. Nelson - 10G

Mrs. E. Williams - 10R

Miss. J. Lloyd - 11G

Snr. E. Adams - 11R

Mrs. E. Williams - 11R

Mr. N. Brearley - Y12

Mrs. A. Turner - Y12

Mrs. C. Dixon- Y12

Dr. S. Roberts - Y13

Mrs. S. Livingstone - Y13

Mrs. C. Gigg - Y13

Ms. K. Voice - Y13

Subject Teachers


Snr. E. Adams - Spanish

Mrs. E. Bamber - Mathematics

Mr. R. Bell - Mathematics

Mr. N. Brearley - P.E/ BTEC Sport

Mrs. A. Bunn - Geography

Mrs. M. Davies - Music/RVE

Mrs. C. Dixon - RVE

Mrs. C. Gigg - Photography

Mrs. C. Harmsworth - English

Dr. P. Humberstone - Chemistry

Mr. B. Humphreys - Science

Miss. S. Jones - Mathematics

Mrs. S. Livingstone - Spanish/PE/Welsh Bacc

Miss. J. Lloyd- Welsh/Cymraeg

Mrs. J. Morris - English/ALNCo

Mrs. M. Nelson - English/Health & Social

Ms. H. Parry-Hughes - English

Mrs. D. Pender - Welsh Bacc

Miss. L. Price - Welsh/Cymraeg

Mr. P. Roberts - ICT/Welsh Bacc

Mrs. N. Roberts - Welsh/Cymraeg/RVE

Dr. S. Roberts - Art/Psychology/Welsh Bacc

Mrs. E. Sargent - Business Studies/Welsh Bacc

Mr. I. Spurgin - Science/Biology

Mr. E. Snyman - Art and Design Technology

Mr. A. Tranmer - Drama

Ms. K. Voice - History

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