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School Improvement Objectives


Objective 1: To create an outstanding curriculum at St. Brigid’s School, grounded in our Brigidine Learner Profile, and bringing the facets of the Curriculum for Wales and ALN Reform to life for the benefit of every learner.(Curriculum)
To consistently deliver our outstanding curriculum to the best possible standard. (Teaching & Learning, Pedagogy)


Objective 2: To engender a positive culture of kindness, respect for all, and positive behaviour for learning.


Objective 3:  To develop every member of staff, and create a culture of coaching, improvement, autonomy and research-based delivery. (Professional Development and Standards)


Objective 4: To consistently use effective tracking and monitoring to plan next steps and interventions at every level in the school organisation. (Assessment, Standards, T & L, Leadership)


Objective 5:  To improve learner and staff emotional health and wellbeing
(Wellbeing, Standards, Leadership)


Objective 6: To follow agreed SIFD protocols to continue to manage
the budget deficit.

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