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In summary Estyn found that strengths at St Brigid’s outweigh areas for improvement. The Governing Body acknowledged that the Inspection team found many aspects of the school  to be ‘good’ and recognised the progress that has been made since the last inspection.

Within the report the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body have already identified some clear areas for improvement to continue to move the school forward and we look forward to working with all relevant parties including our pupils and families in the upcoming year to achieve those.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Tony Hannigan

Chair of Governors

Over time, most pupils develop strong oracy skills. This is a strength of the school.

'Most pupils develop valuable personal qualities over time and grow into conscientious, well-mannered and sociable individuals. They are proud of the school’s Catholic ethos and the ‘Brigidine’ values it promotes. The respectful and polite nature of most pupils is a notable feature of the school.'

'Many teachers demonstrate sound subject knowledge and model language appropriately. They plan their sessions effectively, providing pupils with engaging resources and suitable learning experiences'

Overall, many pupils develop secure reading skills over time. The youngest pupils use their knowledge of phonics successfully. They develop a secure understanding that texts carry meaning from an early age. The reading skills of pupils in Years 4-6 are developing particularly well. Nearly all can find information and ideas from web pages confidently, using different search methods, considering which are the most efficient. More able pupils distinguish between facts, theories and opinions and can compare the viewpoint of different writers on the same topic. As they move up the school, most pupils develop secure retrieval skills.

'Leaders and staff have cultivated a close, nurturing bond with their pupils over time. Together, they profess the school’s strong Catholic and ‘Brigidine’ values and demonstrate a strong sense of mutual respect and appreciation.'

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