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St Brigid's is a beautiful setting and a vibrant place to learn.  We place equal importance upon the academic development of our pupils as and the growth of our individuals.  We understand that success can come in may formats and that recognising the value of this is crucial.  Such an ethos has embedded St Brigid's School as an important figure within the local community, something that we are very proud of.

St. Brigid's is a Voluntary Aided school and the Admissions Authority is the Governing Body (not Denbighshire County Council).  It is therefore essential that you complete the school's application form should you wish your child to be considered for a place.  Links to the Admissions Policies (containing the oversubscription criteria are below)

If you too would like to become part of this success, then simply click on the admissions form and send into school.

For further admissions information, telephone our Admissions Officer, on 01745 815 228

Have a look at the School Prospectus for more information



If you wish you apply for a place at St Brigid's School please fill out the form below. You may be asked to provide additional evidence in support of your application.

Please read our Statement of Aims and Identity below before applying.

Statement of Aims and Identity

St Brigid's School, Denbigh.
Please read below before applying.



St Brigid’s School was founded at the request of the Bishop in 1939 to provide for the educational needs of Catholic families in the Denbigh Area, by the Congregation of St Brigid, who ran the School, sometimes known as Brigidine Convent School, until 1990, when it was handed over to an Educational Charity, as St Brigid’s School Limited.


The Articles of Association of the School Trust state that “The Company is established for the advancement of the education of children between the ages of 3 and 19, by the provision of a voluntary-aided Roman Catholic School or School for the education of Roman Catholic children, either with or without other Christian or  non-Christian children.”


The Constitution of the school states that “Religious observance and education in the school shall be in accordance with the rights and practices and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church”


The Governing Body of the School intend that pupils should receive an education of a high standard provided by teachers dedicated to the task of the Christian formation of Children and young people in an atmosphere pervaded by Gospel values and the message of Christ.


This means that Religious Education, whilst given full expression in the Prayer life of the School, its acts of worship and instruction in the faith, is not limited to these, and as the Bishops have said,

“The beliefs and values it communicates should inspire and unify every aspect of school life. It should provide the context for, and substantially shape the school curriculum and offer living experiences of the life of faith in its practical expression.”


Partnership with parents, the primary educators of their children has long been a principle embedded in Catholic education.  The Governing Body values and welcomes, above all, the co-operation of parents in seeking to achieve these aims for pupils attending the school.


The governing Body has agreed that all parents seeking a place at this school should be required to sign below to signify that they understand and accept this statement of aims and identity for pupils at the school.

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