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This site is being designed to help students/parents and carers over the highly stressful examination years.

We have tried to find information from different areas to help you with your understanding towards the examination procedure and provide you with a variety of documents and links.

At St Brigid’s School we enter examinations in:

  • Year 10: GCSE modules/WELSH BAC

  • Year 11: GCSE final modules/WELSH BAC

  • Year 12: AS modules/BTEC/WELSH BAC

  • Year 13: A2 modules/BTEC/WELSH BAC


Examinations Contact:

For all Examination queries please contact: 

Mrs. Karen Wilkinson – Data and Performance Manager

Phone: 01745 817916

Results Day

School will be open to students from 9a.m. – 12p.m.

Any pupil not able to collect his or her exam results may either have them emailed, picked up by an authorised person or sent directly to their home address. A stamped addressed envelope must be handed to Mrs. Wilkinson, before their last exam.

N.B. School will only be open on results days.

Enquiries about Results


Priority Photocopies


Candidates are entitled access to their marked scripts following the examination results.

If you wish to see a script to decide whether to have its marking reviewed, then you may ask for a priority photocopy of the script.

Requests must be submitted by August 21st at the latest – please ask Mrs. Wilkinson for a request form.


Access to Scripts


Request for photocopies of scripts – cost approx. £14

N.B. School will only be open on Results Days.

The photocopies will be sent to the centre no later than September 10th so that you can decide whether to lodge an enquiry or not.

The latest date to lodge an enquiry is September 20th.


Original Scripts

Candidates are entitled access to their marked scripts following the examination results.

This is available for  GCSE and GCE

Requests for original scripts – cost approx. £12

Requests must be submitted to Mrs. Wilkinson. 
These scripts will  not be eligible for enquiries about results but are for general interest or to inform future learning.

All payments should be made on line via Parent Pay or at a Pay Point retailer

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