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Teacher: Snr. Adams

“Un idioma distinto es una visión diferente de la vida” (A different langauge is a different visión of life) – Fellini

The aims of the Modern Languages Department are to promote interest in and enjoyment of language learning. Learning a foreign language is important because the UK is a multilingual and multicultural society. Languages help young people gain an understanding of other countries and cultures in preparation for life as global citizens.

At KS3 level students are taught Spanish, one of most widely spoken languages in the world. Lessons are structured to focus upon 4 key skills - listening, reading, writing and speaking. Students are not only encouraged to further their skills in these areas, but to develop an appreciation of the language itself and its associate culture.

What our students say…


“I took GCSE and A Level Spanish as I wanted to broaden my knowledge of modern foreign languages. With Spanish, I know it will help me with when I am abroad and with my future career as I’ll be able to communicate further with people in need.”  -Nicola


“I love learning Spanish, not just because of the language, I am really fascinated by the way of life, the music and the culture in both Spain and Latin America. It will certainly impress future employers and you will additionally be able to travel to other countries to work. I would definitely recommend a GCSE and A Level in Spanish because not only do you learn a lot, you have a lot of fun too!”  -Aine


“When learning Spanish, I am constantly challenging myself and overcoming complex tasks I also place confidence in the fact that learning a second language improves your memory, communication techniques and many other cognitive skills, which I hope to see the benefits of in the near future.”  -Elsie

Why study languages?


The study of a modern foreign language at GCSE level will broaden horizons, develop cultural knowledge and understanding and foster transferable skills such as confidence, communication, problem solving and creativity.

During the GCSE, students will study a broad range of topics. The WJEC course is followed through the medium of English.

Many Russell Group universities (such as Oxford and Cambridge) look favourably upon applicants with a GCSE in a foreign language

After GCSE, students have the option to develop their language skills through A Level Spanish

Future employment opportunities.


A degree in modern languages can lead to roles in business, the broadcasting industry, teaching, the civil service - You could even work for MI5! Knowledge of another language will open up opportunities to work abroad too.

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