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Teacher: Mrs. A. Bunn
What is Geography?

Geography is the study of the earth’s landscapes, people, places and the environment.

  • Physical geography,  deals with climate, atmosphere, soil, streams, landforms, and oceans.

  • Human geography,  looks at people, cultures, and migration.

Why study Geography?

Geography helps us to become more socially and environmentally sensitive and responsible people. It gives you the life skills to understand the world around us.  A good grade in GCSE Geography is welcomed by employers, colleges and universities. The course develops powers of analysis and helps students to make better sense of the world in which they live. Geography is also a good ‘bridge’ between the Arts and the Sciences.

Famous Geographers

1. Terresa May former prime minister studied Geography at Oxford University.

2. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, studied Geography at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland having switched from studying the history of art. Good choice!

3. Mother Teresa Blessed Mother Teresa (1910-1997), was not exactly a student of geography but she taught geography at covenant schools in Kolkata, India before she founded the Missionaries of Charity.

4. Augusto Pinochet (1915-2006) the former dictator of Chile is well known as Geographer. He actually wrote a few books on Geopolitics, Geography.

Careers in Geography

Careers in geography range from journalism and law to weather forecasting and architecture’

Here is a the top ten jobs 1.Cartographer

2. Commercial/residential surveyor

3. Environmental consultant

4. Geographical information systems officer

5. Planning and development surveyor

6. Secondary school teacher

7. Town planner

8. International aid/development worker

9. Landscape architect

10 Nature conservation officer.


Picture information

Geography GCSE students spend two days of term in Snowdonia National Park working with Rhyd-y-Creuau field study centre.  Day one where they visit Cwm Idwal, a post glacial landscape where they looked at the impacts of tourism and how the area is managed.

Day two they look at changes downstream on the River Conwy and flood management in the area.  They carry out transects to plot land uses and vulnerability away from the river.  They get the opportunity to analyse their data using GIS (Geographic information systems).

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