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In Science, you will be able to develop an appreciation of the knowledge and understanding of the world, as established by the scientific community. You will also study the processes undertaken by the scientific community to validate and extend this knowledge. Within each individual subject areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics you will investigate the ways in which this scientific knowledge impacts upon society and how society influences science.


The approach which is practically based, emphasises the role of experimentation in discovering the validity of knowledge. The course will focus on evaluating evidence and the implications of science for society.

How will I learn?


You will be given the opportunity to undertake your own scientific measurements and investigations. By being given this opportunity, we will help you develop your Scientific Language, Mathematical, Communication and ICT skills. This will enable you to understand and evaluate scientific information from both scientific and popular sources.

How will I be assessed?


You will follow the WJEC Specification through the medium of English. External assessments are tiered.

What next after the course?


This GCSE course offers the exciting opportunity to study of one or more Science subjects at AS or A-level. A Level Sciences can be the gateway into a number of great career choices and can be absolutely essential to access certain degree courses at university.

Future employment opportunities?


Examples of careers where A-level Sciences are essential are vast and varied and can range from such careers as Medicine, Nursing, Engineering and Veterinary Science to being a Marine Biologist or Planetary Scientist

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