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Teachers: Miss. D. Pender, Mrs. E. Sargent, Dr. S. Roberts, Mr. A. P. Roberts, Miss. J. Lloyd

The focus of the Skills Challenge Certificate is on the essential and employability skills young people need in their future lives, these skills are developed and assessed through an Individual Project and three Challenges. The Skills Challenge Certificate has been designed to include learning and assessment which will enthuse, engage and motivate learners in the classroom, the workplace and the wider community. Learners are required to consider how the application of their learning may impact on individuals, employers, society and the environment. The qualification has been devised around the concept of a ‘plan, do, and review’ approach to learning where learners are introduced to a context for learning, plan activities, carry out activities, review outcomes and learning

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The aims of the Welsh Baccalaureate are to:

· develop and assess a wide range of essential and employability skills;

· promote the value and development of skills for education, life and work;

· provide opportunities to develop and assess skills through purposeful, meaningful and engaging learning experiences;

· make learning relevant and set in real-life contexts for real-life purposes;

· build on and align with the wider curriculum and associated learning frameworks.

The objectives of the Welsh Baccalaureate are for learners to be able to:

· develop an appreciation of the importance of skills development as a key aspect of life-long learning;

· engage in active, creative, open-ended and learner-led opportunities;

· enquire and think for themselves, plan, make choices and decisions, solve problems and reflect on and evaluate these;

· broaden their experience through engagement with external organisations;

· develop as effective, responsible and active citizens ready to take their place in a global society and in the workplace;

· develop initiative, independence and resilience;

· increase their confidence and their motivation for learning and skills development;

· work independently, take on responsibilities and work effectively with others

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